Guided Meditation For Bach Flower Essence Willow – MP3


Heal from within, and chart a new, more positive course.

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Releasing Bitterness & Opening To Love

By Max Highstein • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Willow

  • Introductory Lecture 4:19
  • Guided Meditation  28:14 

Are you open to love and happiness?

The Bach Flower Essence Willow helps remove bitterness from our heart and mind. Bitterness colors the way we see others and ourselves. Worse, it limits our potential for loving relationships. When we are repeatedly injured or beaten down by life, we adopt a bitter, negative point of view. We do this as a way of protecting ourselves from further disappointment. We subconsciously reason, “If I expect misfortune, then when it happens I won’t be blindsided or hurt by it.” 

This “armoring” serves a purpose for a time, until we can recover and become stronger. But at some point we have to reopen to the possibility that the world is a good place, and people can be kind. Otherwise we’ll continue to attract disappointing experiences, and never be able to fully appreciate the positive ones.

To put it simply, if you want love, you have to be open to it, and bitterness can be a huge rock in the way!

The guided imagery meditation, Releasing Bitterness & Opening to Love leads us through three phases:

  • Recognizing the bitterness we carry and preparing to release it
  • Opening to receive the healing we need
  • Changing our outlook to positive expansion

With expertly crafted narration and soft background music, this guided inner journey enlightens us. It encourages healing from within, and helps us chart a new, more positive course. Use this program, together with the Bach Flower Essence Willow, to erase bitterness from your heart, and open to love. 

From The Program

"...Consider the people in your life, and your potential to open to receive love. What attitudes of bitterness, judgment, or separation might you now turn into acceptance, appreciation, and compassion? Take some time to imagine yourself letting go, opening, and making a deeper connection with the most important people in your life -- perhaps even with some who are challenging.."