Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle – MP3


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Letting Go of the Past & Embracing the Present

By Max Highstein • Program length 9:23 • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle

Bring yourself into the present, and release the past. Use this program together with The Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle to relieve homesickness.

A new college student away from home, a grieving widow, moving to another country for a job, loosing one’s house in a fire… Homesickness and dwelling in the past can rob us of our joy, and eventually lead to depression. The Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle addresses this problem beautifully, with a positive vibration that clears away the unhappy nostalgia. This program can deepen the experience, and bring more light to the situation as well. Use them both together, to let go of the past and embrace the present.

From the program: “…Then, your dream changes, and you’re looking at the outside of your new home, and you notice that honeysuckle vines have grown around your front door. The vines are blooming, and have the sweetest, most intoxicating scent, and you become filled with a bright, happy feeling. You walk inside, and in your dream a tree begins to sprout, right in the middle of your living room floor. Its roots go deeper and deeper, and it grows taller and taller, forcing its way through your ceiling, and branching out in all directions. Then the tree flowers, and then bears beautiful fruit. You taste the fruit, and it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted – juicy, sweet, and complex. And then you awaken from your dream….”

Using this guided meditation, along with the Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle, as the cure for homesickness and dwelling in the past.