Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose – MP3


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Finding Your Passion For Life

By Max Highstein • Program length 12:10 • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose

If you’ve lost your passion for life, or feel apathetic, use this program together with The Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose to release apathy and reconnect.

There are times when adversity or illness can make use forget why we ever enjoyed life. At some point, when we’ve struggled too long, we can stop feeling like trying. “Apathy” literally means a lack of interest, and when it sets in, we need a “reset”. The Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose helps us release apathy, and find our interest, passion, and connection to life. It helps us to get started again, when we’ve been “stuck in dull”.

This guided meditation was developed to accompany Wild Rose, and help deepen that positive experience. It incorporates the metaphor of being “stuck in the mud” and getting a push.

From the program: “…As your dream continues, suddenly, you hear a distant sound. A meteor falls from the sky, knocks into your cart and diverts it off the road. Now you’re driving on the packed sand, away from the one mile loop, to who knows where. But as long as you’re going, something tells you to keep going. So you drive, and drive, and drive some more. After a while, you think see something in the distance, at first just a blur of color. On you go, and soon you come to the edge of a community. There are colorful houses, beautiful gardens, musicians playing outside, markets full of fresh food, people walking, running, and talking with each other in little groups. You make your way thought the little town, nodding to people, waving back to them as they greet you, enjoying the new view…”

Using this guided meditation, along with the Bach Flower Essence Wild Rose, can help you find your passion for life.