Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose – MP3


Recover from trauma, and learn that you are truly safe.

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Claim Safety For Your Own

By Max Highstein • Program Time: 21 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose

For Terror and Panic. Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose Can Help!

When we have been traumatized by life in any way, part of our system goes on an automatic state of high alert, to help us avoid further injury. In this state, it’s impossible to completely relax. We’re left unable to really heal, to be ourselves, and to fully open to life.

At the heart of this condition is the unconscious message that we don’t feel safe. The threat that initially caused our trauma may be long gone, but we still respond to life as danger were just around the corner. Our system needs a reset, in order to, let go of the past, and come fully into the present day.

In this guided imagery program, you’ll be gently led into a deeply comfortable state, and given the cues your system needs to know that you’re out of danger, and are truly safe. Use this program, along with the Bach Flower Essence Rock Rose, to claim safety for your own.