Releasing Judgment & Embracing Life – MP3


Powerful program helps you make a shift, release judgment, open to love.

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By Max Highstein

  • Introduction: 4:33
  • Guided Meditation: 20:57

Judgment prevents us from giving and receiving love. It robs us of the ability to experience real compassion. And, it keeps us isolated, lonely, and stuck.

We often hear that judgment is NOT something enlightened, spiritual people are supposed to do. But have you ever paid attention to how much you judge yourself and other people, and tried to stop?

Judgment is not about seeing clearly, recognizing fault, or knowing something special. It’s about holding a negative focus, and shutting out life. It’s a kind of “against-ness” that puts up walls, making it impossible to give or receive love in a genuine way. Judgment has little effect outwardly, but causes everything within us to go sour. And although we may judge others harshly, we tend to judge ourselves most severely of all.

Releasing judgment patterns can be difficult, because it’s often so ingrained we often don’t even realize we’re doing it. Making a successful shift takes a willingness to look within and be self-honest, and usually a lot of dedicated practice.

In Releasing Judgment & Embracing Life, intuitive guide and spiritual facilitator Max Highstein explains where judgment comes from, what it does, and how we can stop doing it. Then he leads listeners on a powerful, deep guided imagery meditation that provides the structure and focus to help you make a shift, release judgment, and open to love. 

This Guided Program Includes

  • Gentle narration and original soft music score
  • An inner journey to bring unconscious patterns into your awareness
  • Multiple opportunities to uncover and release your judgments toward yourself, others, and the world around you
  • Affirmations
  • Envisioning a new pattern of wholeness

From The Program

“...You’ve come to your heart today to uncover and release judgment patterns within you, that have limited your flow of love, and it’s time to make this shift, now. So, concentrate your energy on your intention to release judgment, and repeat the words, 'Please help me see, know, and let go.' A doorway opens in your heart, and as you step through, you find yourself in a circular chamber…”

From The Author

"Judgment is such an insidious pattern that we often don’t realize we’re caught up in it, and how much it darkens our inner world -- the real world we live in. There’s no way we can honestly call ourselves “spiritual”, and carry this kind of negativity inside toward ourselves and others. When we free ourselves from using our energy in such a negative way, the payoff is huge. It means being able to see others as they truly are, opening our hearts to the world, and to finally beginning to love and accept ourselves. I hope you’ll join me in doing this difficult -- and extremely valuable -- inner work."

Max Highstein