Develop The Quality Of Appreciation – MP3


An enchanted encounter with a deer helps us learn appreciation.

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By Max Highstein • 16:00

Sometimes we fail to see the gifts surrounding us, looking everywhere else. An outside perspective can change our view. This program uses guided imagery to lead you on a quiet walk along a forest path, to another world. In this gentle meditation, an encounter with a deer brings us into an enchanted state where we can see the beauty in our lives, and appreciate all we’ve been given.

Often there is so much more to life than we’re able to see and appreciate. Use this program to wind down, relax, and gain new perspective on your world. As the narrator says, “Open your eyes, and feel awake, alert, and refreshed.” Use “Develop The Quality of Appreciation” to do just that.

From The Program

"Your path winds its way through ancient firs and oaks tangled with vines, until you come upon a huge boulder in the shape of a human heart. Standing before this boulder, you take it in for a moment, and feel your own heart begin to open and expand in response. Stepping quietly around the boulder, you discover a small clearing, a meadow filled with wild flowers and waving grass. Entering the clearing, you come upon a solitary deer, who immediately senses your presence, and looks up to face you…"