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Meditation For World Peace

By Max Highstein • 10 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Holly

The Cure For Hatred. Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Holly Can Help

This program works quite well with the Bach Flower Essence Holly. If you’re taking that essence, try using this guided meditation once every day or so to help deepen the effect. The Bach Flower Essence can bring clearing and new positive energy to your system. And using this program along with it can help you become more conscious of how you use your thoughts, feelings, and your energy in the world.

World peace happens one heart at a time, and begins with each of us. Use this gentle guided Meditation for World Peace to heal within, become more peaceful, and make the world inside you — and outside you — a better place. Over 36,000 people have enjoyed this guided meditation!

From the program: “…As you continue to breathe in love, healing takes place. All you have to do is let go, and love takes care of the rest. Take some time to practice this now, as you focus softly in your heart, receive love, and let go of all else…

“Imagine yourself using love in every situation in your life, with your family, with your friends, and at work. Imagine what you’d be like if you were to continue in this way, a week, a month, a year from now. Notice how much happier you would be…

“Now imagine love radiating out from your heart, and touching the heart of those closest to you. And now imagine your love touching the heart of everyone you know. Imagine the love connecting everyone you know to everyone they know, until every person on earth is touched and filled with love…”

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"Thanks, Max!"

“Really good! Thank you so much. :)”

"My son has been requesting your world peace mediation. We just did it and he fell asleep in my arms."

”Is it possible to get an mp3 of this guided meditation? I looked in the website, but I was not able to find this particular one there. Thanks!” [Now it is!]

”Thanks very much for this lovely meditation!”

”Beautiful meditation thank you Max :)”

”I’m learning to meditate & I'm very glad to have found this for I feel that this -- the meaning -- has great significance for the path I'm beginning. I also pray after I meditate & this meaning helps me to pray for peace & love for not only those closest to me, but fir the entire world. Thank you & peaceful blessings!!”

”thank you, this is realy helpful! LOVE”

”This was a beautiful meditation with a lovely message. Thanks for putting love out into the world.”

”Thanks, Max, that was beautiful.Peace to you.”

”Very nice :)”

”Your video has helped me so much during the last year. I found it at a critical moment in my life... and it allowed me to reconnect with my heart... It brought a lot of healing in my life. I thought you should know. thank you”

”Lovely relaxing meditation. If each one of us did this practice everyday, what a huge difference it would make. I have several Max Highstein meditations. One of my favorites for healing is Visiting Angels. Take a look at his web page and try a few samples. Thanks Max.”

”Thank you, Max, for this meditation. I love it <3”

”What a lovely calming voice. thanks”

”This is so nice you feel so good after you do this”

”max you have lovely calming voice, i enjoy your videos”

”So grateful for your video. I will share this with others, & spread The Love!! Thank you!!”

”this is my fav, does anyone know if you can download this for the ipod touch? also i felt energy of two people calm way down when i sent love to them from my heart! amazing”

”Thanks for this Max, very relaxing!”

”Thanks so much for this gift Max! Your Intuition Retreat CD's and book are fabulous and I use them daily. Sending you much love and light.........”

”Thank you, a very inspiring/touching video. It has made me feel calm and at peace within myself.”

”Very nice, thank you.”

”I awoke this morning earlier than usual, and was guided to journal and reconnect more strongly with God and with heart. God said open to increasing peace and harmony. Connect with the energy of it and allow it to flow and grow, also look for others who are supporting this. Well then I see your message and it comes as a kiss from God. Your meditation Max, is the outer reflection of what was gifted me today. How wonderful! Thanks so much for this gift, I shall pass it along to others.”

”very relaxing :)”

”Lovely, thank you!”

”Beautiful. Namaste!”

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