Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Aspen – MP3


Love is the ultimate healer. Let it take the place of fear. (Not a children’s program.)

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Feeling Love Instead Of Fear

Feeling Love Can Replace Feeling Fear. Never Underestimate The Power Of Love! Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Aspen Can Help

By Max Highstein • 14 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Aspen

Fear can creep into our lives at any point in time. But when it does, we can begin feeling love, the ultimate healer. Never underestimate the power of Love!

There are times when we have a sense of vague foreboding, when we feel fearful, but are not sure why, or when anxiety seems to haunt us around every corner. When faced with such fears, we need powerful medicine. Feeling love is the antidote to fear. If vague fears of the unknown are a problem for you, both the Bach Flower Essence Water Aspen and this program can be helpful.

Universal Love is always present. It’s with us every moment of every day. It’s in every part of us, no matter where we are. But when fear dominates our focus, it becomes very difficult to feel love. This guided meditation was made to help us turn our focus from feeling fear, to feeling love. And to allow love to fill every part of us, until there is no room left for fear.

Use Aspen, and this guided meditation program to remove fear from your system and replace it with love. 

From The Program...

"Imagine you’re seated on a comfortable couch, in the middle of a large living room accompanied by several dozen people who are very kind, friendly, and loving. Some of the people you may know, some of them seem familiar, and some you’ve never seen before.

"There is little conversation, the lighting is soft, and quiet music is playing in the background. Everyone has gathered here to honor, appreciate, and meditate on universal love – the love that stands behind all of creation, and weaves it’s way through everything, and supports all life, including your own.

"Soon everyone becomes silent, and a deep feeling of peace settles over the room. Love is filling the room, being welcomed in by the open hearts and the kind thoughts of everyone here. Some of the ones closest to you are first to notice it, but soon, everyone, including yourself, is feeling the warm, comforting feeling of love..."