Change Your Outlook On Life, And Feel The Difference

They say that “happiness is an inside job”, and that’s what our Attitude Elevation category is all about. We may not be able to control life, but we can change how we approach it. Use these programs to help make a difference in your world, from the inside out. Elevate!

12-Step Guided Meditations – 11th Step Guided Meditation & More – MP3

Optimize Your Recovery In Any 12-Step Program! 11th Step Guided Meditation & Much More.

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Daily Focus
Daily Focus – MP3

Make any personal quality part of your daily routine.

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Anger Management Course
Say Goodbye To Anger – MP3

Comprehensive course includes 7 video lectures & 7 guided programs.

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Adjust Your Attitude
Positive Thinking – Adjust Your Attitude – MP3

Change your thoughts and change your life!

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Develop Appreciation
Develop The Quality Of Appreciation – MP3

An enchanted encounter with a deer helps us learn appreciation.

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Patience Guided Imagery
Patience – MP3

Uncover and release old programming, and bring patience and peace into your your life.

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Guided Meditation for the Bach Flower Essence Beech
Releasing Judgment & Embracing Life – MP3

Powerful program helps you make a shift, release judgment, open to love.

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Forgiving Your Mother
Forgiving Your Mother – MP3

Release negativity, and open to new possibilities.

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Forgiving Your Father
Forgiving Your Father – MP3

Release negativity, and open to new possibilities.

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Stop Being Hard On Yourself
Lighten Up! Stop Being Hard On Yourself – MP3

Learn where this pattern comes from, and change it.

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Encouragement and Connection to Life
Encouragement – MP3

Restore Your Connection To Life

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Intuitive Counseling & Guided Imagery Sessions With Max Highstein

I welcome you to read about my work, and schedule an introductory session. Please note that I currently only have a limited number of client openings available.

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Personalized Guided Imagery
Personalized Guided Imagery

Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do the rest.

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