Say Goodbye To Anger – MP3


Comprehensive course includes 7 video lectures & 7 guided programs.

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by Max Highstein • 7 Video Lectures & Guided Programs

Don’t Let Anger Rule Your Life!

Responding to life with anger is one of the most destructive and difficult habits to break. Anger can ruin relationships, railroad an otherwise successful career, and generally make us feel rotten about ourselves.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! This course can help you release your anger, and change your life!

In seven lessons, you’ll address the anger pattern on two levels:

  • First, in video lectures author Max Highstein explains essential information, and outline effective techniques for you to practice.
  • Then, through a series of guided meditations he’ll lead you to a deep level within, and help you make a dynamic inner shift.

In this course you’ll get the information, tools, and the deep inner work to make a difference.

Take this course today, and Say Goodbye To Anger!

Topics Covered

  • Learn exactly how anger holds you in its grip, and why it's so tenacious.
  • Connect with powerful inner resources to help you make a major shift
  • Techniques to clear anger from your mind, emotions, and your physical body
  • Specific action steps take every time anger comes up, to change the pattern
  • Taking responsibility vrs. taking things personally
  • Gaining neutrality in the midst of anger
  • How to respond outwardly when faced with anger -- your own, and other people's.
  • Establishing a new culture of peace

You'll Receive

  • Seven Lessons with Video Lectures and Guided Programs
  • Essential information you must know
  • Effective techniques to change the pattern
  • Deep inner work to help you make a shift

Our Customers Say

"I felt every bit of the first lesson and am looking forward to the rest!"

"The first guided meditation brought tears."

"Thank you for bringing in this healing modality. I value it very much. The guided meditations are wonderful and your voice is very loving, kind, and non-judging."

"I did lesson and meditation 3 after writing the last, it was exactly what I needed to do next. I can see how I'll have to go back and practice this one many times."

"This is my second time through the course and what has made the most impact so far is; expressing anger at something or someone has nothing to do with the present thing but is a release of anger inside. Being able to separate from the one being angry has helped defuse many situations, taking a breath and dropping to the heart."