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Tai Chi as Movement Meditation for Better Sleep

A UCLA study has recently shown that the ancient meditative practice of Tai Chi can improve sleep and reduce insomnia-related inflammation. In the study, researchers enrolled participants in one of three different courses designed to improve insomniatic symptoms: a cognitive behavioral class, a sleep seminar, and a Tai Chi class. Participants in the cognitive behavioral and Tai Chi classes both saw improvement, but the Tai Chi group was the only group to significantly reduce both cellular inflammation and decrease their secretion of  C-reactive protein (one of the chemical markers of chronic insomnia).  Researchers found that using Tai Chi as meditation for better sleep was the most effective method (of methods tested) for improving sleep and reducing the effects of insomnia.

These dramatic improvements can, in part, be credited to Tai Chi’s meditative focus. Scientific studies and anecdotal evidence have long linked meditation to a calmer, healthier life. Tai Chi can help ease practitioners into meditation by incorporating movement as a focus point. Like yoga, Tai Chi uses the body to guide the mind to a clearer and more peaceful state.

The Healing Waterfall offers guided imagery and guided mediation for better sleep as well as beautiful music to accompany your meditation, yoga or Tai Chi sessions.

The UCLA study was published in the journal Biological Psychiatry. Read more about the study and its specific findings here.

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