Break Free & Fulfill Yourself – MP3


Discover what within you needs to change, and how to break free.

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By Max Highstein • 17:00

Journey to a majestic mountain to ask key questions about your life. As you climb the mountain it reveals its secrets. Discover what within you needs to change, how to break free, and what fulfillment means to you. Prepare for the path ahead by reviewing your strategy for handling obstacles. Then draw upon your deepest resources for the commitment needed to make your way forward. Use Break Free & Fulfill Yourself to make a deep inner shift, and change your life.

From The Program

"Looking up at the peak, you realize it’s still quite a way to go, and begin to wonder if it’s really worth the effort. There’s no way to know for certain. You’re tired, and it could all be a waste of time. Then you remember why you came. You’re in need of a change, and the mountain has secrets to share. If you quit now, you’ll never find out what they are..."

From The Author

In mystical lore “The Mountain” is often represented as holding the key to life’s secrets. To me that’s because it represents our Higher Self -- the part of us that holds the overview of our path, and knows our way home. Taking time away from our daily routine to seek higher perspective, whether it be a religious holiday, time spent on a sacred vision quest, or climbing a mountain, is a time honored tradition.

We all feel stuck from time to time. I made this guided meditation to help break free when the need arises. In this guided imagery program, climbing the mountain is both a metaphor and an opportunity to see where we may be stuck, break free, and summon the courage to move forward.

Max Highstein