NYC Taxis Stream Guided Meditations to Celebrate “On Meditation”

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While you may not think of a taxicab in the middle of New York’s congested traffic as the ideal setting for a relaxing meditation, hundreds of those iconic yellow NYC cabs this week streamed guided meditations from Elena Brower on Taxi TV.

This week-long event was an interesting form of promotion for On Meditation, a film project that features meditators from all walks of life, including Congressman Tim Ryan, all of whom discuss the practice of meditation and its many benefits.

Executive productor Rebecca Dreyfus calls the event “a fun innovative way to support the project’s kickstarter campaign and they offer passenges a moment to connect with themselves.”

She goes on to say that the On Meditation project is designed to “highlight and amplify the accessibility, beauty and simplicity of meditation.”

TaxiCab Guided Meditation
Imagine meditating in the middle of this!

On Meditation is an interesting series of short films that explore meditation, this simple yet profound attempt to move beyond thinking into a deep state of awareness. The project features first-hand experiences from people who developed meaningful practices, including teachers, regular people, congressmen and celebrities. Each film is a portrait that focuses on only one person and explores how meditation has worked for them and continues to make deep or subtle changes in their life.

Judging by social media, the taxicab guided meditation was a huge success. After all, what New Yorker doesn’t need a little peace during their commute?

Check out their website here:

Image credit: Tomas Fano/Flickr

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