Mediation can save your life

Meditation Can Save Your Life

Meditation can save your life. So said plane crash survivor and meditation teacher Allan Lokos on CBS Sunday Morning this week. In an interview about the power of mediation, Lokos discussed his meditative practice and how it helped save his life during a plane crash.

Lokos and his wife were on vacation when their plane crashed on the island of Myanmar. “By the time we hit the ground — and we hit the ground pretty heavily — the plane spun around, twisted, and we were thrown about,” Lokos told Sunday Morning, “There was a great deal of chaos immediately inside the plane.” The interior filled with smoke and as he was trying to escape, Lokos tripped, caught his foot, and was quickly engulfed by flames.

But Lokos was able to remain calm. He freed his foot and made it to safety. He credits his meditation practice with his ability to keep his cool when he was literally on fire. “[I’m] pretty certain that I would have died in the plane. The person right behind me did,” he said.

Although he had escaped the plane, Lokos had burns to 33% of his body. His doctors doubted he would survive. By taking an active healing role in his recovery and continuing his meditation, Lokos was able to return to teaching his class after only four months; a year before his doctors expected him to even walk.

Lokos continues to teach meditation in New York and recently published a book about his experiences, Through the Flames. Watch the full interview with Allan Lokos here.

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