Integrative Health Studies Program Certificate in Guided Imagery

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The Integrative Health Studies MA program at California Institute of Integral Studies is offering a new course in the fall for anyone looking to study Guided Imagery. Any current CIIS student or new enrollee may enroll into the course for the goal of receiving a Certificate in Guided Imagery, which will be 3 credits and 45-contact hours.  Most students earn this certificate along with the M.A. degree as an elective.

girl-studentThis class is designed and ideal for graduate students or anyone interested in guided imagery for mental and physical health. A few of the health care professionals that would benefit from this course would be psychologists, therapists, health coaches, doctors, nurses, massage therapists and somatic educators.

The core content that will be covered is, foundational practices, inner child, parts work, developing imagery with expressive arts, application for optimal performance, working with couples, imagery for lifestyle changes, imagery with children and adolescence, medical issues and symptoms management, trauma and EFT, optimal performance, transpersonal dimensions, spiritual assessment, end-of-life issues, grief and student demonstrations.

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