What is Humility

What Is Humility?

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Humility is a state of mind (an attitude) in which…

  • We experience ourselves as being subject to a power that is higher and has more authority than our own ego. You could call that power God, Source, The Universe, Creation, Life, etc.
  • We believe and accept there is a higher order to life than our own limited mind can comprehend. This leads us out of judgment toward life, Creation, etc., because we accept that we don’t know best.
  • We are willing to accept that our own power is limited in relation to the higher power of life.
  • We come to accept that what we think should happen in our lives and in the lives of others and the world at large may not be the best and highest plan for ourselves and all of Creation.

Humility is difficult!

The human ego is designed to resist the concept of humility. In fact, many people will find it hard to accept the above four points.

Especially if we are in recovery from trauma or abuse, the notion of something or someone holding power over us can be hard to swallow. Because of the pain we’ve suffered in life, we can become hyper-cautious of being vulnerable. We may adopt the position that “no one has the power to control my life but me”. Our ego will do this to help us get back on our feet, and give us a sense of safety and security so we can move forward.

However, it’s important to understand that the idea of a higher power is one in which we are actually a part of that power. Our awareness here on Earth may be limited to what our senses perceive, and we may not be privy to the big plan. But ultimately, the part of us that knows more – our soul and higher consciousness – is in on the plan, and is one with God. Humility is about accepting that in our normal daily consciousness, we know only a small part of the overall plan.

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