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Catholic School District Encourages Meditation for Children

The Huron-Superior Catholic School District, which administers more than 20 elementary and secondary schools in and around Ontario, is hosting a conference to encourage and implement meditation for children in their schools. The conference will be led by Ernie Christie, author of Coming Home- A Guide to Teaching Christian Meditation to Children, and will discuss how to include meditation and mindfulness practices in the day-to-day education of children.

Religious and Family Life consultant Sister Pat Carter says, “Having an expert…assist us in improving our understanding and approach to teaching children is a tremendous gift. It will also allow us to incorporate our faith into meditation exercises we pass on to our students.” Meditation for children has been shown to improve attention span and information retention as well as foster a calmer classroom environment.

Get more information or register for the conference here.

You can learn more about how meditation can help sick kids deal with pain, ease children’s stress during times of transition, and keep families calmer and more stable in the Healing Waterfall’s Meditation for Kids section.

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