Weight Loss – Transform From Within – CD


Small choices produce big results! Five recordings to support your healthy weight loss.

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The many small choices we make every day determine our future. This program is about helping you connect inside to the place where good decisions and positive choices are made; small choices that over time produce big results.

Because we’re separated from consequences by time , it’s easy to delude ourselves into thinking what we eat in this moment isn’t so important. “Enjoy this now, and the future will take care of itself.” Denial comes easily when faced with immediate gratification, so we continue eat the wrong foods, or eat too much, often immediately followed by feelings of shame, failure, and frustration.

Fortunately, we’re each equipped with powerful inner resources that can be drawn upon to overcome difficult habits. Using the guided meditation in this program you’ll learn to tap those resources, override negative eating habits and establish new, healthy ones. When we change from the inside out, we have a much greater chance of success, and that’s what makes this program so effective.

Guided meditation for weight loss IS effective, and research has backed it up. Guided imagery can help you train your mind to notice habitual patterns you want to break and reduce cravings or binge eating. This program also uses visualization to help you succeed. Imagining yourself the way YOU want to be can help you stay motivated and reach your goals. Get the support you need today to reprogram your bad habits and transform yourself from within!

Our Customers Say

"Weight Loss: Transform From Within has helped me pinpoint how I've been mishandling my emotions through eating. It's not easy changing a behavior like eating, but your program has made a difference and I plan to continue using it daily to make a long term change." Customer testimonial. Name withheld for privacy.

From The Author

"Since I began making guided meditations over 25 years ago, I've seen dozens if not hundreds of hypnosis and guided imagery programs published about weight loss, and the trend continues today more than ever. No surprise, considering epidemic of obesity, especially here in the US.

"As for me, I've always avoided writing writing about overeating, because I didn't really believe I could help people surmount such a difficult problem, and I sure didn't want to make promises I couldn't keep. But I'm a big believer in following higher guidance, and recently I've been guided to apply what I've learned in my work to a program for this purpose. As soon as I made up my mind and sat down to write, the material started pouring in. Who knows how long it was waiting up there for me, but obviously the time was right!

"This program is not going to tell you exactly what to eat, or how much -- you already know that, or can easily find out. What it will do is help you connect with your inner support, clear out bad programming, and reprogram your habits to make better choices. Before long those choices will add up to a better relationship with food, and a healthier, slimmer body. This is a guided meditation for people who want to change from within, to better support their own health on many levels. It's an inside job -- and that's the only way I know to make changes that last."

Max Highstein

This Special Program Includes:

  • Instructions: With tips and suggestions for getting the most out of the program
  • Guided Meditation/Guided Imagery Program: The meditation, with gentle narration and soft background music, takes you to a beautiful primeval forest where you'll find a small wooden building. Inside is a private screening room, where you'll review your current eating habits, and explore new, healthier choices you can begin making today. Connecting deep inside, you'll also work with a series of affirmation statements that will influence your eating decisions from now on.
  • Affirmations: Affirmations are placed over music from the meditation. Use this during your day to help keep you connected to the program.
  • Subliminal Affirmations: Subliminal (below hearing level) affirmations are placed over the music from the meditation, along with the sound of a gentle mountain stream. Use this during your day to help keep you connected to the program.
  • 1 Minute Affirmations Mini-Track: Use this quick touch-up just before meals and before grocery shopping, to help anchor the program at critical choice-points.