Lightbeing – MP3


Journey to another world, and receive crystal healing with light and sound.

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29:50 • By Max Highstein. Narrated by Jill Andre

Lightbeing is a colorful journey to another world, where healing begins in a crystal structure full of light and sound. Your host, a gentle being from a beautiful planet, graciously guides you into a deeply relaxed, uplifted state of consciousness. This guided imagery for kids and adults alike is ideal if you’re searching for a calming self healing meditation to help your mind, body and spirit recover from stress, anxiety or illness.


Our Customers Say

My son (and I) love The Healing Waterfall and Lightbeing. It has eased him into a gentle sleep on many occasions as well as introduced him to meditation. I am forever grateful."

From the Author

Some time ago I wanted to incorporate sound and color therapy into a guided meditation, and the result was Lightbeing. You may notice that the music changes key with each color -- that's part of the technique... This is a journey that is fun for kids as well as anyone who wants to feel a little younger."

Max Highstein