Guided Imagery for mind and body. Pain relief, weight loss, body image, healthy immune system, preparing for surgery and more. Feel better!

Guided imagery for pain control
Guided Imagery for Pain Control: Releasing Pain – MP3

Engage your mind-body connection to reduce your pain with this gentle program.

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Immune System Support - Envisioning Good Health
Immune System Support, Envisioning Good Health – MP3

A positive focus helps your entire system become brighter and stronger.

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Lower Your Blood Pressure
Lower Your Blood Pressure – MP3

Deep relaxation and a simple breathing exercise help your body slow down, relax, balance.

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Weight Loss - Transform From Within
Weight Loss – Transform From Within

Small choices produce big results! Five recordings to support your healthy weight loss.

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Heal Your Body Image
Heal Your Body Image – MP3

Let go of negative messages, and view your body with compassion and appreciation.

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Guided Imagery Program For Cancer
Clearing Cancer

Three powerful guided meditations cover the different parts of your recovery.

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Love Infusion for Colds And Flu
Love Infusion For Colds And Flu – MP3

Boost your immune system and heal faster with this pleasing and peaceful guided meditation.

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Visualize Successful Surgery
Visualize Successful Surgery – MP3

Positive visualization and deep relaxation for a successful outcome.

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Guided Healing Meditation
The Healing Well – MP3 Audio

Visit a magical garden filled with golden light, and drink from The Healing Well.

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Healing guided meditation.
The Healing Forest

Journey on the back of a gentle old horse, through The Healing Forest.

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Guided Relaxation at The Healing Waterfall II
The Healing Waterfall II – Tropical Paradise

Experience deep relaxation, inner healing, and forgiveness in the tropics.


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Angel Pouring Light
The Healing Waterfall III – Angel Pouring Light

Exquisite! Gentle narration, a magical script, and soothing original music, all gracefully combined.

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Lightbeing – MP3

Journey to another world, and receive crystal healing with light and sound.

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12 Cosmic Healers
12 Cosmic Healers – MP3

Archangels send healing light and sound to 12 different areas of your body.

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Personalized Guided Imagery
Personalized Guided Imagery

Tell us what you’d like, and we’ll do the rest.

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