Transform Self-Doubt Into Confidence – MP3


Release self doubt and the fear of making mistakes.

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by Max Highstein • 17:00

Self doubt undermines our ability to make decisions, step forward in life, and express our natural talents and gifts. This guided meditation helps you release self doubt and the fear of making mistakes, and offers a template for success. In the program you’ll inhabit an ideal setting for accomplishing your goals, and receive the love and encouragement of a circle of supportive friends. You’ll also connect with a “super coach” — someone who excels at what you aspire to, and believes you can as well. With their help, you’ll have opportunities to envision your success, turning self doubt into confidence. 

From The Author

Most people with natural self-confidence grew up in an environment where trying new things was encouraged. They were lucky to learn that making mistakes is a normal part of learning, not a sign of failure.

But those who lack self-confidence often didn’t receive such encouragement. And they didn't have the opportunity to make mistakes, and be encouraged to try again.

Self doubt and fear go hand in hand, and together undercut self-confidence. When we fear we’ll be punished for our mistakes, self doubt comes in to keep us from taking a risk so we won’t get into that position. We subconsciously learn the pattern of self doubt as a kind of protection against failure. Together, fear and self-doubt keep us immobile, and unfulfilled.

I created this guided meditation to help those with the pattern of self-doubt to make a shift. It’s definitely an inside job, and this program can help turn one’s inner vision around. This meditation and Break Free & Fulfill Yourself go together very nicely, and as a package can be quite helpful for those who are ready to change their “inner game” in order to make new strides in their outer life.

Max Highstein