Guided Meditation for Bach Flower Essence Heather – MP3


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Contentment: Peaceful & Self-Contained

by Max Highstein • 14 Minutes • Corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Heather

Self Centered? Using This Program With The Bach Flower Essence Heather Can Be Helpful

This guided meditation corresponds to the Bach Flower Essence Heather. When we obsess about our own problems, and feel the need to pull other people into our drama, we become the center of a tornado of bad weather and negativity. In this powerful guided meditation, we learn to calm the storm. We’re able to examine the situation we create and understand the effects. Then we’re able to experience what happens when we go to a peaceful place within. And we learn that we can disengage from our self-created drama, and be content within ourselves.

From the program: “…and as you turn inward, focusing away from the tornado and the problems that surround you, you become more peaceful. And it feels better. And you notice that the more you focus within, and the further inside you go, the more calm you become, and the better you feel…

“Going deeper still, you come to a lake, serene and perfect, at your very center. It’s a beautiful lake, surrounded by high mountains and pine trees, reflecting the sun. Birds are flying overhead, and now and then a fish will break the surface of this placid lake, making ripples out from the center…”

Use this program to break the habit of making bad weather around yourself and other people, and come into peace.