Attracting A Great Relationship


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This relationship course, by internationally acclaimed, bestselling author Max Highstein, will help you get ready for a great relationship, avoid the pitfalls of a bad one, and attract your ideal mate. Here’s how.

“Everyone wants a fulfilling, healthy partnership, based on mutual trust and appreciation.” Actually, tha’s not true at all! A lot of people aren’t ready for a commitment. If you’re serious about relationship, pairing up with one of those people, no matter how attractive they may seem, could be a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps you’ve already found that out, and are tired of bad endings. When you’re looking for something deep and long lasting, the clearer you are, the better your chances for attracting someone great. But there are four “Relationship Killers” you need to purge from your life before going any further.

There are four “Relationship Killers” you MUST purge from your life before going any further:

These Relationship Killers are responsible for virtually every bad relationship on the planet. And they’ll set you up for a fall, time and time again.

Relationship Killers are actually unconscious negative patterns that we pick up early in life. That’s why we attract bad relationships over and over again — our negative patterns are running, and we don’t even know it! We think we’re sending out a clear, positive message, but what we’re actually putting out to the world is entirely different.

Low self-esteem, denial, fantasy, and helplessness will come across whether you intend them to or not. And they are a magnet for bringing in every kind of bad partner there is.

But erasing those destructive patterns paves the way for positive, healthy, relationships that can stand the test of time. So in this course, you’ll go through each of the Relationship Killers, step by step, and clear them out.

This Powerful Course Works Three Ways:

  1. In easy to follow audio talks you’ll learn exactly what you need to know about the negative patterns that attract bad relationships.
  2. In guided meditation programs you’ll go deep within and knock out that old programming, and erase the Relationship Killers that keep you stuck.
  3. You’ll do a terrific inner process to get very clear about what you’re looking for, and put it out to the world in a powerful way.

But first we’ll do the groundwork. That’s the right way to get ready for a great relationship, and attract your ideal mate! Don’t wait – take the course and get started today!


Video Introduction

6 Audio Mini-Lectures

6 Audio Guided Meditations

5 Short, Easy Assignments



  • How to let go of low self-esteem programming.
  • Building high self-esteem to attract quality partners.
  • The RIGHT way to work with affirmations, to change your deep seated beliefs.
  • Using your Heart Center to become your most positive self, and attract your partner from there.
  • Working with your Inner Child to reprogram your self image.
  • Using an Inner Guide to bring more light into your mind, and dissolve negativity.
  • Knowing your own feelings like never before, gaining clarity and insight.
  • Uncovering and clearing out “denial” patterns with you, that keep you from seeing the truth.
  • What true love really means, beyond the fantasies and fairy tales. How to tell the difference.
  • Building your love relationship on a strong, solid foundation.
  • Standing strong on your own to attract your real soulmate.
  • Getting very clear about what you want in your mate.
  • Attracting your soulmate, once you really do know what you want.
    Reaching into the future to make contact with your soulmate.

Over 2000 people have taken this relationship course!

"All I can say is amazing!!! Max, your course is just exactly what I needed. After each meditation, I can feel myself becoming lighter and so much more accepting of who I am as a person. Thank you!"

"I feel I can definitely be a lot kinder to myself. Maybe I'll start by taking myself on a nice holiday. I deserve it! :-)"

"Amazing! Much more than I could ever imagine. Loved the course. I feel I am ready to welcome my partner into my life. Thank you."

"This course has been a pleasure to follow and your guided meditations and methods of working have been most helpful. I signed on for this course after just coming out of a long term relationship, really just to check that I had no barriers to attracting a healthy relationship when the time is right. I found your course very reassuring, and now realize that before coming to the course I have already learned lessons from the past by stepping away from my partner's increasing emotional and psychological problems while I still could. This will be a most helpful and positive aid to tap into again when I meet someone special. Many thanks!"

"I am realizing as I get older that I need the skills you have in this course. Thank you Max Highstein for all the work you do. I adore your waterfall meditation, it's one of my favorite meditations of all times! I also really like the meditations you have in this course! I'm ready for second chances and become a better person."

"I am so happy to be doing this course. Thank you Max for getting to the core issues so quickly and simply in week one. It was like you read my mind. "

"There is so much value in this course. It is full of practical, easy to use affirmations, information, and meditations. Max in a compassionate tone, teaches about the pitfalls and heartbreaks in relationships and how to avoid them next time around."

"Excellent course for getting out of a bad relationship and laying the groundwork for a healthy and fulfilling one."

"A very comprehensive look at relationships dynamics and how to successfully navigate the often turbulent relationship waters. It's a very valuable course."

"Adopting a warm, therapeutic approach, Max Highstein provides rich detail about the important elements for attracting love. The course attends to what we need to know consciously and also provides guided visualizations to take the learning in more deeply."

"Great course for new couples, those who wish to heal from heartbreak and all who choose to enter into relationship consciously and with wisdom."

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