Your Master Specialist


Access higher guidance for a specific area of concern or situation.

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By Max Highstein • 15:00+

A Master Specialist is waiting to offer you information and guidance. This guided meditation will help you learn how to access higher guidance for any specific area of concern or situation you currently face. Your higher consciousness offers a rich source of information and support — A deeper and wider resource than your ordinary intellect can hold.

After choosing a specific question or topic you’d like input on, you’ll experience a deep relaxation, then travel to a particular place where you’ll meet your Master Specialist. Spend time receiving input, information, and energy around your situation.

From The Guided Program

...Imagine you’re now standing in the center of your own heart, as if it were a cozy, comfortable room. Notice that in your heart chamber today are several doors. Each door leads to a different room or environment in higher consciousness, and each has been set up to help you focus upon a specific area of concern, connect with your Master Specialist, and receive his or her input...

From The Author

A song by David Pomeranz proclaims "We can all know everything, without ever knowing why". I don't think we need to know everything, but I do believe we can know a lot more than we normally allow ourselves to. Guided imagery allows us to bypass the limitations of our intellect and reach into a much greater source of intelligence. The idea of a master specialist who's ready to help with any question opens us up to that source.

Whether or not you believe as I do that there are masters available to help us, there's no question that when we open our mind and freely use our imagination, we can know a lot more than we would otherwise. That's why I developed the meditations Your Master Specialist, and also Meet Your Guide. Most if not all of the guided meditations on this website come from tapping into higher guidance, and listening.

Max Highstein