Mediation for weight loss

Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation’s documented effect on emotions and the brain are impressive and have won many converts. Now new evidence is showing that meditation can also impact weight. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, writing for, explained how a program created to target neurological diseases “had the unexpected side effect of spontaneous weight-loss.” Although her patients had not been using meditation for weight loss, the meditative portions of the program showed a significant impact on her patient’s weight.

In addition to prescription medications, Dr. Chaudhary encouraged her patients to start meditating. Patients who followed the program saw a reduction in their neurological symptoms and also began losing weight—without even trying. The program was so dramatic, that Dr. Chaudhary wrote a book about it, The Prime, in which she lays out the specifics of her program, focusing on meditation as a foundational strategy.

She explains, “[Meditation] has a direct anti-inflammatory effect on the brain and body… it reverses the whole stress response and… improves immune function.” Meditation is also especially helpful for food cravings. Meditators can better control their emotions, which in turn can help manage food cravings and food addictions. Dr. Chaudhary suggests that even sitting quietly for a few minutes a day will improve the brain-body connection and reduce stress.

The basis of mediation remains the same for any goal— losing weight or mitigating a disease.  Learn more with these selections:

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