Meditation Fights Aging

Spanish researchers at Zaragoza University have published a study demonstrating that meditation fights aging at the cellular level. The study, published in the journal Mindfulness, shows that portions of DNA strands associated with aging live longer and are more robust in … Read More

Oprah Uses Meditation for Weight Loss

Losing weight is difficult, and no one knows that better than Oprah Winfrey. Her struggles with eating and weight issues have been tabloid fodder for decades. Now, as a representative for Weight Watchers, Oprah has once again lost weight, vowing this … Read More

Meditation for Relationships

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Blog at US News and World Report is discussing how meditation can improve relationships.  Dr. James Baird, behavioral expert and author of Behavioral Genes: Why We Do What We Do and How to … Read More

Meditation Develops Intuition

Meditation has undeniable positive effects on both the mind and the body, but as Huffington Post blogger Anne Hartley explains, meditation also develops intuition. Hartley describes a significant moment in her life as a financial planner, when she used meditation to … Read More

Meditation for Dating

This week Yahoo Health featured an interview with Andy Glickman, a meditation teacher who is using mindfulness meditation for dating. The article discusses how Glickman is incorporating imagery and meditation to make better, more authentic connections, become a better date, and … Read More

Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation’s documented effect on emotions and the brain are impressive and have won many converts. Now new evidence is showing that meditation can also impact weight. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, writing for, explained how a program created to target neurological diseases “had the unexpected … Read More

Meditation Can Save Your Life

Meditation can save your life. So said plane crash survivor and meditation teacher Allan Lokos on CBS Sunday Morning this week. In an interview about the power of mediation, Lokos discussed his meditative practice and how it helped save his … Read More

Meditation and Imagery for Health

Meditation is widely known to be beneficial to your physical health, and a recent article in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that meditation also has a significant impact on depression, anxiety, and pain. The research is reinforcement for many clinics and … Read More

Meditation for Pain

New study reveals that meditation for pain management works better than most painkillers.