How Meditation Increases Happiness

Science shows that for most people, their personal level of happiness or contentment remains constant over time and is not ultimately affected by particularly good or bad events. Although a good or bad event may affect personal happiness in the short … Read More

Oprah Uses Meditation for Weight Loss

Losing weight is difficult, and no one knows that better than Oprah Winfrey. Her struggles with eating and weight issues have been tabloid fodder for decades. Now, as a representative for Weight Watchers, Oprah has once again lost weight, vowing this … Read More

Meditation for Weight Loss

Meditation’s documented effect on emotions and the brain are impressive and have won many converts. Now new evidence is showing that meditation can also impact weight. Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, writing for, explained how a program created to target neurological diseases “had the unexpected … Read More

Stay-At-Home Mom

Question: I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I feel stuck. It seems like I’m always fighting with my kids and that my life is in turmoil. I want to be joyous and spiritual, but I’m always having to push myself to be … Read More

Struggling With God

QUESTION: I have always been struggling with God. Is God real? I have fear and have struggled with this since I was a child. Who is God and how do I really find Him and trust Him and know who and What … Read More

Meditation and Teens: Should Mom Get Spiritual With Her 16 Year Old Son?

QUESTION: My question is about meditation and teens. My son is 16 and I’d like to get him into some kind of meditation practice. It’s been a big part of my life, but he’s never seemed interested at all. He’s going through … Read More

History of Guided Imagery

Believe it or not, guided imagery, or simply imagery, has been used for centuries as a medical therapy. Evidence shows Tibetan monks began using meditation as early as the 13th century, imagining Buddha curing disease. Others believe that this imagery … Read More


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How did guided imagery become such an accepted part of mental health therapy? Its success and acceptance is thanks to the research into hypnosis conducted since the 18th century. Hypnosis is actually the precursor to guided imagery and guided meditation … Read More