Guided Meditation for Children

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Dr. Leanne Lawrence has written a guided meditation storybook to help children sleep.  Sleep Deep is designed for four- to seven-year-olds, and promotes feelings of love and safety to help children drift off to sleep. “This book is aimed at supporting children in our fast and confusing world and helping parents… achieve easier bedtime routines,” says Lawrence.

As a family physician, Lawrence sees the effects of increased stress on health. Many parents have trouble controlling their own stress levels and children can to sense that.  Unresolved stress can affect children the same way it does adults.  As such, Lawrence used her knowledge of stress-relieving tactics to design a program just for children.  The book is aimed at solving children’s sleep problems by implementing proven relaxation techniques as well as meditative suggestions that invoke love, safety, and calm.  Once relaxed, children have a much easier time going to sleep.  Sleep Deep by Leanne Lawrence is a good addition to any child’s bedtime routine.  This guided meditation for children is available in e-book format and in audio and video editions.

Learn more about guided imagery and guided meditation for children at the Healing Waterfall.  Meditating as a family is a great way to bond and relieve stress!

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