Stay-At-Home Mom

Question: I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I feel stuck. It seems like I’m always fighting with my kids and that my life is in turmoil. I want to be joyous and spiritual, but I’m always having to push myself to be … Read More

Sick and Sad: Illness & Depression

Question: I have Lyme disease and several other infections related to Lyme. I am a 58-year-old woman and I live alone. I have no family to speak of, no friends, and it’s perfectly clear that nobody wants to date me … Read More

Catholic School District Encourages Meditation for Children

The Huron-Superior Catholic School District, which administers more than 20 elementary and secondary schools in and around Ontario, is hosting a conference to encourage and implement meditation for children in their schools. The conference will be led by Ernie Christie, … Read More

Guided Imagery for Children and Families

The Gazette in Colorado Springs this week reports on a new class offering guided imagery for children. For years, Katy Allred has taught adults to meditate, but after having her daughter 18 months ago, she realized that children could benefit from … Read More

How Meditation is Helping Homeless Children

Martial Arts Master Dong Kim is helping homeless families in the nation’s capital cope with the hardships of life in Washington D.C.’s largest family shelter. Along with an enthusiastic group of volunteers, Kim leads children from the D.C. General shelter … Read More

Guided Meditation for Children

Dr. Leanne Lawrence has written a guided meditation storybook to help children sleep.  Sleep Deep is designed for four- to seven-year-olds, and promotes feelings of love and safety to help children drift off to sleep. “This book is aimed at supporting children in our … Read More