Guided Meditation with Little Portion Friary

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Little Portion Friary is a religious house of Christians (but are open to all faiths) that open their doors for people to come and spend some time connecting within to find inner peace.  Little Portion Friary is ran by the Franciscan brothers in the Episcopal Church. They are committed to Christ’s command to love God and our neighbors. This means they are open to any type of person, straight, gay, married, single or divorced.

On July 9th at 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (and ongoing), Mark Gregory D’Alssio will be leading a guided meditation event at Little Portion Friary. This event will be held on the 2nd wednesday of each month, July 9th, Aug 13th and Sept 10.

The event will begin with a welcome and introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation and followed by guided mediation. The closing of the event will have a reading from the world’s sacred wisdom traditions and a discussion to follow.

The address for this event is 48 Old Post Rd. Mount Sinai, NY 11766. For more information, visit their website, call (631) 473-0533 or email


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