being nice reduces stress

Being Nice Reduces Stress

Sometimes it’s hard to be nice! Everyone is busy, in a hurry, and stressed out.  Plus, with the holidays here, there’s even more to do. But if you don’t think you have the time, energy, or goodwill to spare a smile for your neighbor, give it a try anyway. Research published this month in Clinical Psychological Science shows that being nice reduces stress levels and makes people feel happier.

For the study, researchers examined the diaries and questionnaires of 77 volunteers to find a linkage between “prosocial” (nice) behavior and stress levels. They showed that people who were nicer, had lower levels of stress and that on days when “prosocial” behavior with at its lowest, stress was at its highest. “Our research shows that when we help others, we can also help ourselves,” lead researcher Emily Ansell told Medical News Today.

So while you’re out doing that last minute shopping, remember to inject a little of the holiday spirit into everything you do. You may find you feel better for it! Happy Holidays!

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