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Meditation and Imagery for Health

Meditation is widely known to be beneficial to your physical health, and a recent article in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that meditation also has a significant impact on depression, anxiety, and pain. The research is reinforcement for many clinics and hospitals who are offering mindfulness classes, usually focusing on meditation and imagery for health.

“…Mindfulness practices have a beneficial effect,” Dr. Madhav Goyal told NPR for an interview about his paper titled, “Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-being.” Dr. Goyal analyzed information from 47 clinical studies on meditation and its effects. Combined, the studies indicate that meditation and imagery practices have a significant positive effect on anxiety, depression, and pain.

Although often dismissed by mainstream medical professionals, research is confirming that mindfulness practices can be used as stand-alone treatments for some ailments. One recent study showed that meditation can be twice as effective as morphine. Dr. Goyal explains, “It was surprising to see that with so little training [as little as two hours a week] we were still seeing consistent results.”

Other researchers have shown that meditation and imagery can help with everything from high blood pressure to the side effects of chemotherapy. Beginning a meditative practice is easy and inexpensive. If you’re new to meditation and guided imagery, try one of the free programs from the Healing Waterfall and begin your journey to better health today!

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