The Arrow: Connecting To Higher Guidance  – MP3


A simple, powerful technique to access higher guidance and support.  

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Guided Meditation By Max Highstein

  • Introduction: 1:47
  • Guided Meditation: 12 Minutes

What would you like help with most in your life? THE ARROW, CONNECTING TO HIGHER GUIDANCE, is a powerful, simple, and direct method you can use to connect with your own higher wisdom and support, for information, answers, and positive energy. This easy to use guided meditation, with evocative, relaxing background music and gentle narration will show you how.

Imagine that somewhere above you, just outside your normal awareness, is a vast storehouse of higher wisdom and support, waiting just for you. This storehouse is constantly updating according to your needs, with all the latest information and most refined energies available. And contributing to this storehouse, and waiting to be of service, are higher beings with expertise in every conceivable area of your life, always available to help you in any way necessary.

Let’s just call this vast resource, with all the beings there, your Higher Support. There are many ways in which you can access your higher support, including meditation, writing, art deep listening, and more. In this program, we’ll use a technique called The Arrow.

To begin, first consider something specific you’d like help with. It may be a problem you’ve been struggling with, or it might be something you’re working on well, that you’d like to take to the next level. Take a moment to consider the one thing you’d most like to receive input on now. We’ll come back to that during the guided meditation.

From The Program

...Walk toward the center of the meadow, and there you’ll find a beautifully made wooden bow, and one arrow. Pick up the bow, and notice the finely carved wood, inlaid with intricate patterns, its sleek curves, and the taught bow string joining its two ends. The bow feels alive, and perfectly weighted in your hand, and offers a fine feeling of quiet, dignified power...