Visiting Mother Mary CD


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Rose petals floating down from Heaven herald your face to face visit with Mother Mary.

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By Max Highstein • 16:00

Rose petals floating down from Heaven herald your face to face visit with Mother Mary. As you sit together, she offers you her comfort and her love. You may ask her anything, and receive her guidance in this tender guided meditation with beautiful background music and gentle narration.

This new series of guided meditations (Visiting Saint Francis, Visiting Mother Mary, Visiting Archangel Michael and more to come) provides you the chance to visit with great spiritual figures from many traditions, each portrayed in a new light. Each journey is a powerful tribute to these wonderful beings, and a great opportunity to connect with them deeply and personally.

From The Program

"...Rose petals begin to appear, delicate and pink, manifesting in the air, and drifting softly down around you. The petals are 6a gift from Mary, letting you know that she is coming. Down they float, settling all around you, and bringing the sweetest scent, the most wonderful feeling, and a blessing of peace from Mother Mary. Take a few moments to receive this blessing, as it continues to help you open and expand your heart.

As the blessing unfolds, Mary herself comes closer, and closer, so that you can begin to feel her enfolding you with her love. And now, soft as a whisper, she is with you, seated before you, and surrounded by heavenly light..."

Our Customers Say

"I just finished my journey with Mother Mary listening to your brilliant meditation. Your voice is beautiful and carries in it the true connection with God. I could feel the energy coming through you along with the words and it caused an instantaneous opening in my heart that was effortless and a huge energetic inflow of love. I haven’t spent much time with Mother Mary before this. Now she is in my heart and I understand what she represents and what she offers. So thank you thank you thank you."

"Your Mother Mary meditation is very relaxing, and the feelings of love and compassion I experience with it are an almost overwhelming experience. It makes me want to strive to connect with these feelings in my everyday world."

"I got to hear Visiting Mother Mary at a workshop this week. It was AMAZING! I felt so strongly Mother Mary's presence and her energy running through me. It has stayed with me for days. I had to get the download so that I can play it for my friends. Just the sound of your voice puts me into a completely different space. So calming, peaceful and healing. Thank you so much for doing this. It's much more than a meditation."

"I just wanted to send a note of gratitude for your beautiful guided meditations. I've been listening to the Mary track for a few months (so nourishing!) and have just downloaded more to enjoy. They fill & open my heart and are a lovely part of my meditative practice. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world."