Sleep Well Tonight, Overnight Train – MP3


Gentle sounds and movements of the train lull you into a peaceful sleep.

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By Max Highstein • 30 Minute guided meditation begins with 12 minutes of guided imagery, followed by peaceful train sounds. 

Take a quiet evening walk to an quaint country train depot. Board an old train and spend the night in your own private compartment, as the sound and motion of the train gently lulls you into a peaceful sleep. The narration fades out, and the train sounds continue, giving you plenty of time to drift off into dreamland.

Sleep well tonight with this gentle guided meditation!

Our Customers Say

"Thank you for these wonderful guided meditations. I have used Sleep Well -Overnight Train and Cottage by the Sea. Sadly or with blessings I have never heard the end of the programs. Sound asleep before the end."

From the Program

"Now you can feel the gentle motion of the car, and hear the click of the wheels along the track. Outside, your train is passing through open fields and wooded areas, alongside rivers, and past beautiful mountain landscapes off in the distance, all cloaked in darkness, and covered by a twinkling night sky. But here inside, you’re cozy, and comfy, with nothing to do but drift off into dreamland."