Dolphin Day – MP3


The sand, the sea, and the salt air — and surprise visitors! Layer after layer of tension melts away.

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By Max Highstein, Voiced by Kitzie Stern
Narration, Gentle Waves, Music. 13:00 

An early morning visit to the beach brings you the sand, the sea, and the salt air — an escape to a place where you can forget about life’s problems, deeply relax, and experience healing and inner peace. Wading in, you’re embraced by gentle waves, as layer after layer of tension melts away, and you feel more and more at peace. A group of dolphins come to visit and celebrate your healing, and one takes you on a magical ride. Experience yourself as pure energy, floating free, with this gentle guided meditation at the seashore.

Sound track includes a beatiful stereo recording of ocean waves by Jon Shore, interspersed with music by Max Highstein. Beautifully narrated by Kitzie Stern.

Give yourself a gift, and change your inner world with Dolphin Day!

From The Program

“Looking around, you see the shore well within reach, and notice you’ve got company. A group of dolphins have come to visit, forming a circle around you. The light has changed, and there’s a magical glow all around. The energies of the sea, the sun, and your new friends seem to have converged to create this enchanted experience, created just for you. The dolphins are enjoying themselves, and celebrate your healing by playing and swimming all around. It feels as if you’ve left your body, and are pure energy, floating free. Take a some time to experience this, and enjoy.”

Our Customers Say

"The dolphin meditation is beautiful. I was truly transported to the ocean, re experiencing the pure love and joy of the dolphins while swimming in liquid turquoise. Thanks so much!" 

"This morning I listened to the dolphin meditation and I just want to say that this is another wonderful inner nature-scape that I am adding to my morning rituals."