Saying Goodbye: Healing the Loss of a Loved One – MP3


Release painful feelings, and grieve in your own timing.

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by Max Highstein • 16:40

It’s common to feel as though we have unfinished communication with the one we’ve lost, either because we’ve lost them suddenly, or because there wasn’t a good flow of communication with them when they were alive.

In this tender guided meditation by Max Highstein, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your loved one, say whatever you may need to say, ask your most important questions, and hear and receive what your loved one has to share to you.

Use this program to let go of painful feelings, and move through the grieving process in the timing that’s right for you.

From The Author

"When we loose someone important to us, that loss is painful, and deeply felt. Although we can try to avoid feeling the pain for a time, eventually we must allow it to pass through us, so we can fully regain ourselves. This grieving process -- allowing the sadness, anger, and other feelings to surface and release -- is the natural, human response to loss, and it’s the only way for us to come fully back to life.

"There are some who say, 'Why grieve for your loved one, when their soul has moved on to a better place, and their suffering has ended?' Well, we’re not grieving for them, we’re grieving for our own loss. To best honor the one who’s passed, we must allow ourselves to feel the loss, the love we have for them, and all the feelings in between that arise within us, so we also can move on.

"For myself, I find that those I've lost are still very real to me, and that the kind of inner dialog presented in this program helps me connect deeply with them, and with myself, in a very healing way."

Max Highstein