Meet Your Guardian Angel MP3


Get to know your Guardian Angel, and feel their love. 

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By Max Highstein • 18:06

Your Guardian Angel is right in front of you! Your Guardian Angel has been with you from the moment you were born, watching over you, loving you, and doing everything possible to help you stay on your path.

In this program you’ll revisit times when your guardian angel has intervened in your life, helped you through tough times, and led you toward the light. Then you’ll use your heart and higher mind to see, feel, and hear your Guardian Angel directly. You’ll experience their presence, hear their message to you, and feel closer to them than ever before. Download this program now, and get to know your Guardian Angel today! 

From The Program

“…Ask your guardian angel to bring a blessing of love and healing from on high, directly into your room now. See and feel your room filling with heavenly light, a beautiful scent, and a wonderful feeling of love and peace…”

From The Author

"Guided imagery can help us open our imagination, and receive input from angels, masters, and friends in Spirit as they make subtle impressions in our minds. Such messages can be experienced as words, images, feelings, and simply 'inner knowing'.

"With practice, we can learn to receive these messages, and have a dialog. It's a very healing and illuminating experience to communicate with higher beings this way. And it simply feels wonderful to receive their love. You can use this guided meditatation as a doorway into another dimension, and experience this for yourself.

"A teacher once told me that Galileo had trouble getting visitors to look through his telescope, because they thought he was crazy. Imagine the obsurd notion that one could look through a tube and see objects far away! Guided imagery is a lens for the higher mind. I hope you'll look through this telescope with me, and discover your own Guardian Angel."

Max Highstein