Love From Above – MP3


Love surrounds you. This program helps you open to receive it!

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By Max Highstein • 6:45

In this short and powerful guided meditation, you’ll begin to feel love from above. Loving beings in Spirit are with you always, and you can connect with them at any time. This program will help you open your heart, open your mind, and use your imagination as a bridge between worlds, so you can meet. Love is waiting for you to receive!

From The Program

"...Imagine that love is all around you. You may feel it as a delicate, pink energy, softly touching into you everywhere. It fills your body and your mind, warm and comforting.

Love is being brought to you by Spirit, and Spirit can include god, angels, spiritual masters, gurus, saints, loved ones, and your own higher self. Someone wonderful is watching over you right now, waiting for you to connect with them.

Think of a beautiful color, and imagine it flowing out from your heart, toward someone in Spirit, who is with you, right now. Just send them that color for a moment, to say hello..."

Our Customers Say...

"I listen to this daily, at least once, twice a day. If I wake up at night and can't go back to sleep (son had a bad dream etc), I listen to it again and easily fall back asleep. It's very beautiful and helpful - to the entire world!"