Being Present & Grounded – MP3


 Come out of the clouds and be here now. 

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By Max Highstein • Program length 12:10

For being spaced out, ungrounded, head in the clouds? Start Being Present and Grounded!

Being ungrounded can stem from feeling split apart and going in different directions. In order to become fully present, it helps to have our actions, thoughts, and feelings all coordinated together. It’s best if we are doing, thinking, and feeling things that correspond to each other. Practicing doing that can help you get present and be here now. This guided meditation will help you learn how.

From the program: “…Experience the earth’s core energy as it flows back up through those cables, and into your own body. You are connected to the earth, your body is part of the earth, and you are now fully grounded and supported by the earth…

“Consider some activity you will be doing physically shortly after finishing this guided meditation, it could be as simple as washing dishes, or taking a walk, and imagine you’re doing that right now. What will you be thinking, while doing this particular activity? Take a moment to imagine that what you are thinking about corresponds to what you’re doing.”

Using this guided meditation to become more present and grounded.