Paying Attention – Absorbing Every Lesson The First Time – MP3


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By Max Highstein • Program length 40 Minutes

For those of us who have to keep going over the same thing again and again.

Is the problem is about not paying attention, or about not quite absorbing the information we’re getting? For some of us, we just seem to keep repeating the same lessons, without quite learning them. This could apply to life lessons — relationships, career decisions, bad buying decisions, etcetera. Or it could be about learning in school, on the job, or gaining a skill. If it’s a problem with needing to repeat the lesson, this program can help.

In this guided meditation, you’ll do some “inner system adjustment”. The journey takes you deep into your consciousness, where you’ll “reset” your mind and your observational skills. Then you’ll have an opportunity to re-envision yourself picking up much more information. In situations where you might not take in information well, you’ll be more observant, and absorb whatever is there for you to know. All of this happens within a relaxing program that’s enjoyable, easy to use, and actually quite entertaining!

From the journey: 

“…The door opens, and you step out on the seventh floor, and find yourself in a room full of computer equipment. All kinds of very sophisticated machines are here, humming along. But over in one corner of the room is a computer that’s blinking on and off, with the word “restart” on the screen. Looks like this one has a glitch…

“Look at the keyboard, and you’ll see a restart key. Go ahead and press that key now, and watch that computer come back online. Now it’s humming away and doing what it’s supposed to do. But take another look at the monitor, and you’ll see that it’s showing a movie of you, walking along that very same forest path. But this time you’re walking with your feet firmly on the ground, and taking in all the scenery. You’re quite enjoying the walk too…”

Use this program to refocus your awareness, and make a shift.