Opening To Wealth – MP3

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Remove your obstacles to prosperity, and allow wealth into your life. 

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by Max Highstein

  • Introduction 1:46
  • Guided Meditation 28:38
  • Affirmations from the Meditation 4:45

If you’re exploring this program, it’s fair to assume you’re not as wealthy as you’d like to be. The question is, what keeps you that way?

If you believe that the economy, the government, other people, or outer circumstances keep you from being more wealthy, then there may be little you can do to change the situation. However, if you’re willing to consider the possibility that something within you is keeping you from becoming more wealthy, then you’re in a good position to make a shift. And if you’d be willing to consider that there is untapped creativity within you that you can use to become more wealthy, that’s even better.

So in this program you’ll let go of fixed beliefs, negativity, and darkness inside — anything standing between you and wealth. And you’ll open to wealth in new ways. All to help you become the most well-rounded, grounded, and happy human being you can be, living a rich, abundant life.

Use Opening To Wealth to examine and let go of anything standing between you and wealth, and allow prosperity into your life. Begin today!