Finding Your New Home – MP3


Use this program when you’re planning to move, and want to find your perfect home.

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By Max Highstein • 20 Minutes

Finding Your New Home is a powerful, dynamic program, designed to help you do just that! Use this program to tap into the information that’s all around you, focus your energy in a clear and powerful way, and attract your ideal home. 

In this carefully created program, you’ll first clear any negativity connected with your current living situation. That way you’ll be free to move forward, without baggage of the past.

Next you’ll tune into universal energy and begin to receive information about your new home. You’ll visualize yourself standing in front of your new home, walking in, and touring every room. Finally, you’ll send up a powerful signal to help you find this home, in perfect timing – perhaps tomorrow!

Masterfully crafted imagery, gentle narration, and inspiring background music all come together to form a dynamic tool for you to use. Visualize, connect and explore the possibilities!

Our Customers Say...

"We just downloaded 'Finding your New Home' and settled in for a listen. It was great! My wife and I both really enjoyed it, and were able to visualize and really get into the space. Very well done and we will do it again tomorrow."