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Guided Meditation to Reduce Crime, Ease Water Tensions

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Come together this World Water Day (March 22, 2015) to Bless the Lake. Participants seek to use group meditation to reduce crime and end water struggles in Oakland, California. The event will be held March 22nd at 3:30 p.m. at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater.  It will be part of a global, synchronized World Water Day blessing at more than 600 locations world-wide.  Celebrate Lake Merritt and join with the community to be grateful for this special water source and begin working to live a water-sustainable lifestyle.

“All the activities… at Bless the Lake are designed to create a coherent container for the creation of a powerful field of resonance that uplifts the spirit of Oakland,” says Amelia Aeon Karris, who will lead the guided meditation. As the community comes together to synchronize their intentions, people can see a shift in the consciousness of the entire area.  In the past, large group meditations have been shown to reduce rates of crime and violence. A guided meditation in the Washington D.C. area once showed a 23% reduction in violent crime and mass meditations in some middle eastern countries have shown similar results.  Bless the Lake hopes to continue that trend in Oakland.

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