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Dispelling Meditation Myths

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Recently the news website discussed some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding the practice of meditation. Author Chloe Morrison began by defining meditation as “spending time in quiet thought” and a process of “relaxing the body and calming the mind.” There is nothing difficult or complicated in the technical definition of meditation.  Often, the myths perpetuated about meditation are the result of ignorance.  Morrison goes on to identify and de-bunk some prevalent meditation myths.

One common myth is that meditation is about escapism.  Morrison explains that “meditation is about learning to become more present; learning to connect with yourself.”  Morrison also tackles the myth that good meditation involves completely emptying the mind. Instead, meditation builds the capacity to control thoughts, so the focus of a meditation is not emptying the mind, but improving clarity and the ability to consciously direct thoughts.  Morrison says, “[If] your mind wanders… gently bring [it] back to the focus of the meditation.”

Dispelling meditation myths make meditation more accessible and beneficial to more people.  Many people recognize the benefits of meditation, but don’t know where to start.  Morrison suggests using a guided meditation program. Guided meditation programs for all levels are available for download by clicking here.

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