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heal your body image

Aliens watching Earth TV probably think that humans all have big boobs, flat abs, and perfectly sculpted butts. It’s probably true, because People magazine and Entertainment Weekly clearly show that to be the case as well. Yep. All earthlings look the same. 

But wait… I actually live here on Earth, and every time I walk out my door I see human bodies in all different shapes and sizes! What’s going on here? There are big people, little people, flat people, round people, pear shaped, slinky, big on top, big on the bottom, crooked, and lots of different shades of brown, tan, and eggshell. 

Heal Your Body Image And Get Healthier On The Inside

Human bodies are all different. Plastic surgeons would like to fix this. I say no. No more third homes for cosmetic surgeons. The Doc can keep that same Porsche another year or two, he’ll survive. 

I suppose there are two approaches you could take to being happy with your body. One is to invest lots of time and money into changing it, and the other is to… be happy with it as is. I know that sounds like a radical idea, but hey — it’s worth considering. 

Granted, most of us could stand to be healthier, and that often means adjusting exercise and eating habits. But that’s an adjustment, best made by listening to the body, cooperating with it, and optimizing our daily routine. Making those kinds of adjustments are always easier if we start from a place of acceptance with where we find ourselves. Starting from where you are and making that OK is the message here. It’s also called “inner cooperation”. I recommend taking some three times a day before meals.  

If the thought of looking at yourself naked in the mirror makes you uncomfortable, the guided meditation, Heal Your Body Image can help. And it costs way less than new boobs!

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