Clearing Your Energy – How To Keep Your Head On Straight

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Back in the day (I won’t say exactly what day, but it was a while ago), the expression “Keep your head on straight” meant “don’t loose your mind”, “don’t go crazy”, or “don’t get all caught up thinking about stuff you shouldn’t be thinking about”. Today I tell people, “Learn about clearing your energy“.

 There’s so much free floating negativity that getting caught up in dark thoughts is as easy as getting out of bed. Add that to the fact that we’ve all accumulated baggage from the past, and keeping one’s head on straight is a challenge at best.

The advantage of keeping a straight head is pretty obvious. It’s part of our inner environment — we live there. The things we focus on day in and day out totally influence how we feel about ourselves and the world, and contribute to what we attract to ourselves. (Notice I said “contribute”. It takes a lot more than just our thoughts to make up our reality. But more about that another time.)

Stuff comes up, we get triggered, and how we respond determines whether we’re adding to the negativity we carry, or releasing it. It takes some work to let go of negative distractions and stay focused on what’s important. I call it maintenance.

Different Ways Of Clearing Your Energy

There are many ways of doing head straightening maintenance. Exercise, meditation, recreation, “mental health breaks”, therapy, reading, gardening… it’s good to have a variety of alternatives to choose from, and do something on a regular bases. It helps if you enjoy it, both because we tend to do things we enjoy and not do things we don’t, and because joy helps with clearing.

Over the years I’ve paid a lot of attention to keeping my head on straight, and have learned all sorts of ways to help the process. Here are some of the programs I’ve developed to help others.

Clearing-Your-EnergyClearing Your Energy
The negative stuff we tend to accumulate and carry is just that — stuff! It’s not you, but it can sure effect your mood and outlook. In this program, intuitive guide Max Highstein first explains the ins and outs of clearing, and then leads you through a guided meditation program you can use to clear your own energy at any time. Knowing how to clear your energy is a valuable skill you’ll want to use again and again, and soon you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it! Read more and hear samples…


Positive-ThinkingPositive Thinking
Adjust Your Inner Climate
Change your thoughts and change your life! There’s no question that your thinking does effect how you feel in the present. But the intellect is like a computer, and responds the way it’s been programmed, and negative thinking is a pattern that most of us find difficult to break. Use this program to make a shift and Adjust Your Inner Climate. Read more and hear a sample…

Sanctuary-Of-PeaceSanctuary of Peace

Most people who try to meditate say that they have a hard time focusing within, because their busy mind keeps distracting them. Sanctuary of Peace helps you enjoy a period of deep, centered inner peace whenever you have a bit of time. The narration track helps your mind to stay focused, and the background sounds soothe you, allowing you to go deeper, and deeper. Read more and hear a sample…


Heart-MeditationsHeart Meditations
Heart Meditations includes three guided imagery programs. Each gently guides you into your spiritual heart, and helps you to explore your heart-space. The meditations are warm, healing, and inviting, and encourage you to connect deeply within, and let go of anything in the way. Then, there’s an easy to follow a heart meditation lesson, for a practice you can do every day, to go deeper. Read more and hear samples…


Car-PeaceCar Peace
Do you have car peace? Your car could be a place where you automatically become peaceful, relaxed, and attuned to your higher consciousness. In other words, a stress-free sanctuary. With this program, you’ll create such a space in your automobile, and learn how to tap into it the moment you begin driving. Read more and hear samples…


Sleep-Well-TonightSleep Well Tonight
Enjoy a good night’s sleep with this gentle inner journey. Take an evening walk along the beach to your secluded seaside cottage. Secure in your comfy bed on the screened-in porch, enjoy a full body relaxation, and then let the waves lull you into dreamland. At the end of the inner journey the narration tapers off, and the waves continue for another 30 minutes.
Read more and hear a sample…


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