guided meditation for travel

Guided Meditation for Travel

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Hotels are using guided meditation and other wellness techniques to improve their guest’s stays. A recent article for USA Today discussed the hotel industry’s trend toward improving visits with health and wellness techniques usually reserved for a spa or yoga studio. Jan Frietag of STR Hotel Research explains that “the hotel industry is in the business of providing a safe and comfortable place for people to rest… and anything that enhances that sleep experience is worth exploring.” In that spirit, many hotels and hotel chains are offering black–out shades, aromatherapy, white noise machines, and guided meditation for travel.

Since being out of a familiar setting naturally disrupts sleep, making a hotel room fell more calm, tranquil, and safe can have a definite effect on a traveler’s rest. For people who have trouble sleeping when traveling, request a room that is most likely to be quiet. If available, most hotels will oblige with a placing that is far from the elevators and ice machines. Also try to stick to your before-bed routine as much as possible to ease your body into a familiar sleep pattern.

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