guided meditation for sleep

Guided Meditation for Sleep

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A recent article on offered tips for better sleep using guided meditation. Very often people “leave the office in an exhausted, zombie-like state fully intending to crash-land in bed… but once in bed, [the] brain suddenly kicks into overdrive.” This is a common problem that can lead to long-term insomnia and the serious health problems that go with it. Meditation, though, trains the brain to control thoughts and worries. By teaching the brain to respond to the gentle redirection of meditation, people can learn to “turn off” stressful thoughts and tune into peaceful, relaxing ones.

To begin developing a consistent meditation practice, try using a guided meditation program. Guided meditation teaches the basics of meditation and provides all the benefits of a traditional meditative practice, while decreasing the learning curve. Guided meditation programs are easy to follow and very effective, often improving sleep in only one session. Continued practice will make it easier to control thoughts and eventually, go to sleep without aid.  There is a great deal of evidence supporting the efficacy of guided meditation for sleep and even some of the simplest exercises can improve rest.

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