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Guided Meditation Classes in Kansas City

Since 2012, Unity Temple on the Plaza in Kansas City opens its doors for guided meditations that are free and open to the public. Beginning at 12:10 and 5:30 p.m. and lasting for 30 minutes, each guided meditation is a little different. A dozen different instructors volunteer to lead sessions designed to help busy people in the area take a “Serenity Pause.” These guided meditation classes in Kansas City see a surprisingly large and consistent turn out.

The sessions started when Unity Temple’s Reverend, Duke Tufty noticed people gathering after 12-step meetings. “I thought it would be great if people had that same kind of space for meditation, for people who maybe aren’t fighting addiction but still need a place to go to decompress, to connect, to seek mindfulness and good company,” says Tufty. Jenee Osterheldt, a regular at the “Serenity Pause” sessions and reporter for the Kansas City Star says that the guided meditations are “a lot like a nap. It makes you so aware that you get a boost of energy, your presence is stronger. I find my ears work better after meditating. I can hear someone without a running inner monologue in the background of our conversation.”

Learn more about guided meditation classes in Kansas City and the “Serenity Pause” sessions here.

Download a free guided meditation for inner peace at the Healing Waterfall.

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